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Special congrats to Teammalibu's girlfriend Karen who had a 4 buoy PB, and to Skidawg's son Logan who had a 2 buoy PB as well. That's the way to break in a new site! Be sure you guys tell Dr. Rick thanks for letting the crew use his new house for lunch and kid swimming as well.
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Glad you guys had a good time and we couldn't have done it without ya'll.

We did have some goals for the tourney:

Everyone have fun.

Get some PB's.

Show that new sites can come onto the scene and host tourneys. (maybe 2 day-er next year??)


Couple of highlights from my perspecitve:

Jones running a tourney PB of the year on a ski that wasn't a Radar/HO/elite/D3

A 4-year old little girl jumping off the roof of a dock about 15-20' high.

Chief Scorer running her first 32mph pass in a tourney

Boys 1 skier running past his PB (should have run the pass!!)

One of my ski partners achieving his huge goal for a BIG PB. A year ago he couldnt run a pass and ended with 5@32off

Everyone congregating for a 1 hour lunch break and the fellowship as having everyone together hanging out is rare.


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Thanks for the pat on the back!  Linda was a big boost to me Saturday as well.  Really enjoyed the tournament, ALL of the hosts, and the location.  (the PB was an added and exciting bonus)!  Levees Edge will always be "special" to me.  Rick, Donna, and their kids are great folks to hang with.  I can honestly say that is the only tournament where I have ever enjoyed fresh "duck poppers"!  It was an awesome day to say the least.  Looking forward to many more.  Also looking forward to seeing everyone next weekend.  Happy Birthday to J. Fox - we will miss you!

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