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Settings for a 69" Senate


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So in response to my earlier thread I picked up a 69" Senate from Todd, the ski arrived today and I called the coach who called the boss and theword came back 30.25" for the binding placement (using the connelly bindings for now).I measured this from the back of the foam bottom to the tail of the ski with connelly sidewinders.

I went out and skiied tonight and let me preface this with I was super tired since i skiied 7 days in a row I think.

First pass: ski felt great, cut out cut in for the gates crossed the wake great set up for one, got over the tip and the ski cut about 5 times harder then the F1x and I couldn't hold on.

Second pass just fooled around

Third pass, fell once getting up. Tried to ski the course staying over the middle of the ski more, but couldn't get it to catch an edge at all,all back foot.


Fourth pass, couldn't get up then it was dark, it felt like the tail wasjust cutting through the water leaving the ski to plow really bad no matter how hard i tried to keep on the front foot. (like when I was learning to ski).

Thoughts? Should I be moving the bindings up maybe? Or was I just super tired and should try it like this again? Also ward wanted me to ask for fin settings if anyone has any advice. I am 5'11" 240 lbs skiing for 2 months and running mostly 28 and can get 4 @ 30.

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a Brand new ski can be enuf to think about sometimes. Now add in skiing way too many day's in a row... I would think you might rest for a FEW days,  then come back fresh. Only then could you try to make a valid assessment of whats really going on...

69" Senate

Front Binding: 30.25"

DFT: 0.87"

Length: 6.865"  (tips)

Depth: 2.52"

Wing: 9 deg.

By the way, GREAT SKI!!! -Good Luck!  

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I may be wrong but I think that skis ships with the fin set for a 67" Senate C. It is close but not the exact recommended settings for that ski. You may want to check it.

Try to ski with a still upper body and don't try to force the ski around. Counter rotate in the turns and let it finish. You were probably forcing your old ski around. You should not have to do that on the Senate.

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Luckily i listened to h2o and Horton and didn't make any changes, when I got back on the ski fresh today it skiied much better, it is mainly different then my F1X in three different ways.

1. Once you edge change it starts to cut pretty hard back the other way with no other input.

2. It might be wider or maybe because the bindings are further back, but I need to be pulled up way slower.

3. Across the wake it wants to come out of the water tip up a little more then the other ski.

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