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35+ Waterski World Championships/E&A Regional Championships


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  • Baller

Drug test? What drugs do I have to test? Urine test!? Who gets to test the good stuff? What will that 9% Italian beer do to the test?

One hour later and two bottles of water later I finally pissed my drug test.

Leza won Slalom and Janie came in second for G3.

Lisa and Laurie win third in G2 and G1 slalom.

Leza, Merry and Janie sweep G3 tricks for USA!

Bev and Connie get second and third in G2 tricks.

Steve gets second in M3 tricks.

Marc gets second (by 10 points!) and Eric gets third in M2 tricks.

Michael gets third in M1.

Ham wins M3 jump.

Sorry rest of the world (for the report on only USA skiers). Go team USA. Unofficially we have won as a team.

Ciao, Eric

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  • Baller

Sorry about the late edit for Ham's result but the laptop battery died and I was too busy celebrating to go back online later.

I should be OK on the drug test - as long as alcohol metabolites are legal. Nice wines. Also Paul Risch was worried that I might be in his age division so he forced me to drink a bottle of gin. I'm in practice (Steelies are almost as strong as gin) so I did OK but Paul wasn't counting on the locals who were sure I was Richard Gere and bought us another bottle (Lemonchelli or something sweet and strong). Paul suffered in the prelims but I wish I skied like the prelims in the finals (with the harder finals run). Oh well, not the spot on the podium I wanted but I was right there - darn timer. They say time happens differently for old people - and I was the oldest in my division. Is bronze with the kids better than old fart gold? Either way I'm happy.

No updates from today as I flew back (don't fly on 9/11).

It was a great time! Lots of new friends from around the world. Including Marc Shaw from the USA - what a great captain (and person)!


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