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John if this is unapporiate please remove I will under stand! However I will throw a few $$$ into the maintenance of this site for these parts sales.


Every Year here at Florida Inboards I find myself overloaded with a lot of good re-usable inboard parts and equipment. This year is no different and maybe even worse than ever. I might even be able to get on the hoarder shows that seem to populate the tv now a days. 
Their are a lot of Perfect Pass Parts on it and someone with some know how may be able to put an inexpensive system together with what I have and new. 
As always a % of sales goes back to this web site and thanks again for the site.
Jody Seal
Florida Inboards inc.
florida inboards At MSN dot Com

Perfect Pass Parts:
2 Multi line 4.5†DBW Displays can be switched to Mech $100 ea
2 older Flat style single line displays (Mech) $50 ea 
1 Smart timers New $75.00 
2 Smart timers Used $35.00  (sold)
1 New multi line chip and puller with manual $50  (SOLD)
1 simple system master module can be changed to wake edition $200
1 multi line master module Mech Pro series $145 
1 Flat style multi line display Mech $145   (sold)
1 used servo motor (no Resistor) $45
1 new servo motor with resistor $85  (sold)
1 replacement switch ropes with out carabineer $5 ea
6 Arimar Replacement paddle wheel kits $5 ea
1 DBW Master Module $ 100
2 DBW Star Gazer modules $200 ea
These prices do not include shipping!!!! And will ship only into the USA!!!

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