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New ski?


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I am trying to decide whether to buy a new ski and if so which one.  I've been on a 9500 for about 7 years.  I've researched skis until I don't know where else to look.  My question is would I notice a significant difference by changing skis.  I've been looking at a Strada, X7 ST, and a Senate C.  I read somewhere that someone had a Senate C and it was a little slower than his old 9500. 

I haven't skied on a course in about 7 years but I ordered one today from Ed at EZ.  I currently ski 34 mph, weigh 200, and skiing on a 67 200amp 9500.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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Although I didn't actually ski on the 9500 (I had a 9600 that I loved, may it rest in peace), that is widely regarded as an excellent ski, and I wouldn't be in any hurry to upgrade it unless you feel it is getting soft (sluggish turns and poor angle).

The only other reason I'd get a new ski is if you feel you want a different size (or flex).  I would have guessed the 200 amp was the right one, though.  The Goode chart for newer skis says 225 amp (regardless of your height), but a softer flex is likely good for a return to course skiing, unless you are returning to 35 off.

Unrelated to the main topic, I'm curious what was different about Shane's experience compared to mine.  My 9600 was the fastest ski I ever owned, and still holds all of my practice and tournament bests at both 34 and 36.  Just shows that matching to the skier is very important, I guess.

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