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Front binding with RTP Question


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I hit a ball last weekend and tore several ligaments in my ankle last weekend and will be on the shelf for about 3 weeks and it got me re-thinking my binding set up.

I currently have a D3 driver with a RTP.  It did not release very well with a twisting fall (releases fine on an out the front).  What would be good front binding with a RTP?  I have heard that the radar set up is good with a RTP, is that accurate?  I am leary of the hard shell with any silvereta type system becasue of the rear foot interating with that metal on a lesser fall.

 Any advise would be appreciated and sites to purchase would also be appreciated. 


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I use the Reflex system with a RTP and I trust it. I have not had any problems with my rear foot "Interacting with that metal." Do not push the two silvertta systems out the window right away. See if you can demo them and then get what you really want.
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