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New to trick skiing, have some questions on bindings


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I just bought a 2005 d3 trick ski and need some help with what bindings to get. I dont want to spend alot of money so I was thinking of getting an HO animal front binding. Ive seen people using front or back aniamls for the front binding. What is better?

Also where do I get the toe plate for a trick ski. I saw one on d3s website for 38 and then I saw one on perfski for 25$

Is this for a trick ski or just a normal ski


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You want the HO front.

For this kind of stuff I would call Tadd at H2Oz. He not only owns a shop that stocks all this stuff but he is a national overall champ. He knows what he is talking about. 

Tell him Tadd that I sent you and you will get free shipping plus a bowl of soup. 



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John knows more about this stuff than I do but Wiley's makes a good binding for trick also. If you are just starting out you don't need their trick wrap you can use their regular binding.


You could use what you linked to but you are better off with the D3 one as it matches the inserts that are in the ski plus it protects the ski some from your heal on landings.

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 I came down to the dock one time at Cory's with a trick ski equipped with a Obrien Bio and a slalom rope They laughed at me!! I was so ashamed that I went and bought a Wiley and reclaimed my sons old trick rope.,,, Really!!

The Wiley is your best option for a trick ski provided you do not want to invest in a hard boot.

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