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'07 Nautique engine problem

Thomas Wayne

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We have an annoying problem with an '07 Nautique 196 Limited, PCM 330 HP.   At speeds under 30, engine cuts out randomly for a micro-second at a time. Not enough for skier to feel it, but very annoying to the boat crew.  Problem occurs with or without the ZO turned on.

We've tried:

New cap, rotor, plugs, wires, "Heet"  in the fuel, removing the anti-siphon device at top of fuel tank.

So far nothing has improved the issue even a tiny bit.  I'm hoping someone out there is familiar with this problem and knows of a fix - other than jacking it up and driving a new Malibu/Mastercraft/etc. in underneath it...


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It sounds like it may be a "chip/ECM issue"  i had something similar on my 03 Malibu.  It would not run between 2600 and 2900 rmp's; by that I mean it would go from 2599 to 2601 nothing inbetween.  I think they had to switch out a chip or recalibrate something with the ECM.  Might be worth a diagnostic on the ECM.
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