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Is this true?

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Just saw a photo on the front page another message board with the five Alizee Cup Men's Winners.  What is interesting is they added a Goode ski in the background next to Parrish and totally blacked out the Radar Strada that Rossi was holding in the original photo!  Way unfortunate since Rossi choose to promote his ski company and Parrish did not think of it.  There should be disclaimer saying the news story was paid for my a ski company.  Here is the doctored photo.  Look at Rossi's left hand. 














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Please tell me the IQ of my readers is higher than those idiots on the other site.

Yea I guess Dave added the ski. It was the only photo I could find at the time. When I look for news I take what I can get. Honestly it pisses me off how much time I spend surfing the net looking for ski news.

As for Rossi, do you really think he was holding a ski? Really?

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