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High handle out of turn


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At 2 & 4, which is my offisde, I seem to be getting the handle up high out of the turn, starting to cross the wakes, up by my chest.

Sometimes I get it down and get back on track, or I end up on the rear of the ski?...but it usually it too much to make up

 Any suggestions?  Is it just handle position? Maybe too much weight on my back foot?

Mostly 4 ball @ 22, or 2 ball @ 28 off @ 34mph...5'9" 180 lbs...67" D3 X5

 I'm not running 28' yet....

I took some video, but of course skied ok and didn't get it....


Thanks from the North Coast...






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Definetely Bad body posiitioning. Not in a Good Leveraged posiition during your pull and it seems like it may be getting worse @ shorter line. (i.e. #4 @ -22 but, #2 @ -28) If it is getting more pronounced @ shorter line. Then, I'd "Guess" that your maybe coming in too narrow, and more so as the line gets shorter, then hurrying your turn and getting stood up or pulled out from too much line load... (which will bring you in narrow, hurried and out of position again, etc..) 

If your Hands are high aft the turn, then they are also high B4 the next turn. Which, means your in need of better Handle/Rope management from your pull out, turn in and through out every pull, pre-turn and Hook up. You can get away with these things @ -15 and even -22 to some extent but, the shorter you go the more any short comings in your tech. will be exploited...   

Video is a must. 

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