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Both are excellent all around skis. There are some subtle differences but the feel is similar. The Quantum also has a similar feel. Adjustments in speed, rope length and practice can help adapt to the differences. Did all three start with the same ski to design the new molds?

When we did trick tests a couple years ago I liked the Goode the best - by a slim margin. I also got the most runs on the Goode. Stan liked the Quantum best - but he had the most time on the Quantum. D3 wins the popularity contest by a mile though.

One thing we all noticed was that we liked the bigger skis best regardless of the brand. Go with the 43". I don't know why - it's a feel thing.


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At 6' 230 pounds what size trick would you recommend. Will a 44 work or do I need to special order a 45? I am mostly doing surface stuff and some easy wake tricks up to wake back to backs. I may get into toes at some point but that is in the future.

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