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I had the opportunity to ski with The Great One, Andy Mapple last week at Greeny's lake in little rock, AR.  If anyone has the opportunity to take a few rides with him i would highly recommend it.  Worth every penny.  This was straight forward  coaching at its best.  I felt like i learned without having to ingest a dissertation on slalom philosophy. (not that there is anything wrong with slalom philosophy, just sometimes it is nice to have straight forward coaching i.e. this is happening, this is why it is happening and this is gonna fix it).  Also, I have never skied with anyone who watched my ski and told me exactly what fin adjustments (double move)to make, how much to make and tell me what I would feel different after i made the adjustment.  That is impressive.  I wish I had half the knowledge that he has in his little finger.  Anyway, my two cents.  I was highly impressed and if anyone has the opportunity they won't be dissappointed. 

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The good thing is that he didn't tell you to retire and take up knitting, Ward! ;)

This is all good to hear about Andy. How many of us have skied with a coach who said "You need to be earlier." or "You need to be wider." How the hell do I do that?!?! lol All those things are a function of doing other things correctly and too many coaches(or even ski partners) don't get this. No matter new school, old school, whatever..........the basic mechanics are the same and are applicable across the board.

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