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Strada 2010 for sale


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175lbs @ 34

Ski performed OK, but talking to Eddie, I may not have had the ideal set up before going for the 66". If you're interested, check in with Eddie to make sure it's the optimal size for your stats.

 Let me know quick if you want it. It's priced to move.

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  • Baller

I have a few freinds that are 185 sking -32-35   34 mph  that ride the 66 strada   I'm 185 6'2" riding a 67 this ski is fast I have the fin back to 74.5 just so It will slow down at -32 -35  before I moved thye fin back I was screaming into the bouy;s, it is skiing well now 

when in dought go smaller


Think short


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