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2010 O'brien Elite Review


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Hi all,

I just received a 2010 O'brien Elite and wanted to share with you my impressions using the 2009 Elite I previously had as the comparison point.  If you can believe it, the build quality and finish of the 2010 is visibly improved from 2009!  All the edges are perfectly finished and smooth when running my finger along the side of the ski.  The "lacquer" they are using on 2010s also makes the ski much smoother to the touch of the hand (it just glides right over) and further enhances the appearance of the ski.  Finally, the coating on the fin box is no longer rough / unfinished.  They have finished it with a smoth metallic lacquer / paint. 

Overall, this is the most well finished ski I have ever put my hands on and would highly reccomend it to all of my ski partners.  Two thumbs up to O'brien!  Once I get a chance to ski on it, I will also share any ride differences(if any) that I observe.   

 Happy skiing!

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