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Jumping and neck injuries


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I was at the Seattle Supercross last night and watched all the riders wearing neck protection.  The neck braces???? or whatever you call them did not seem to limit them at all.  As a father of a 16 year old jumper who is going over a 100 feet and my guess is 130 or more this year, would this be something that would be good for him to wear.  With Kyles injury and others I have heard about, it seems that this neck protection/brace may have prevented those injuries.  I have not seen anyone wear one jumping, so I may be off base.  I know some doctors and sports injury people are on Ball of Spray and have knowledge of what a jump crash can entail.  Any thoughts and advice would be welcomed from anyone on this issue, Thanks.......OF

I have to admit that every time he hits the ramp I always have that little ache in my stomach.......I am sure you parents out there can relate...


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I jumped for many years. I am pretty sure that jumping is way safer than something like motorcycles.  I have 2 rules for safe jumping.

Jump with other jumpers that are serious about it.

You cannot jump timid. You can jump smart but you have to be aggressive.


Besides that have fun.

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