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spring cleaning

Old MS Accout

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HO Approach Med right front. 40.00 good shape with lots of life

Wiley Trick wrap XS. 50.00 Mrs Ms used a few sets and needed a small due to no blood in feet.  

 Wiley pro build XS front. 40.00 great shape 

Wiley  pro wrap XS front. 40.00

HO Animal med. 40.00

Wiley rear Med D3 holes. 25.00

A-10 Attack jet pilot vest. Small black 30.00

KD skis vest. 30.00 Med

Wet Tech ski vest Small (10 womans) 25.00

Ski Limited Wet suit Med. 15.00 great shape but Ski limited is no longer a shop.

Rear wiley Med HO plate. 30.00

HO Rear toe plate brand new. small 30.00



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  • Baller

hi ms,

that pic looks like the prize showcase on the old wheel of fortune. "...and ill take the skiwarm shorty for 30....and..." But seriously, ill try the skiwarm shorty, my email is alexdephoure at hotmail dot com. phone 508-498-3735. thanks.

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