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This is extra gear i've got ready for the spring skiing by some new owners. Make an offer if you would like as well.

1 pair of Large Pro-Gear Gloves. Never used, still in the wrapper. I bought them hoping they would fit but I need XL’s. There was a thread about these a few months back: $40 shipped

1 Large Relfex Boot with heal tab. Older style, black with green buckles. It’s been used for a few sets (~5) but looks great, another backup boot of mine. $50 shipped.

1 65†HO CDX. Older ski, might be a 2003 model? Great ski for someone transitioning into the course. $125 shipped.

1 65†D3-X5 slalom ski. Has some sets on it but still runs buoys. Can take pics if needed. $225 shipped.


dcoke76 at yahoo . com

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