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Rankin Boat Covers For Sale

Rankin Boat Covers

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If you have a Moomba, Malibu, Nautiaue, Tige, Mastercraft, or Supra check the list below. If not we can build a NEW boat cover in any number of different models. Below is a full list that we have already built ready for a good home. These covers listed are almost 50% off retailso a great deal. They are designed trailer and you can take the cover on and off with your boat in the water when you moor your boat, we use no poles or tie downs to the trailer. If you have a cover on the list or would like an estimate please call 206.595.6070 our website RankinCovers.com should be up in the next coming weeks so watch out for it!

Cover from list $450

New Cover $800

Thanks for your interest!!!
Picture attached is a cover we did with side skirts on it, the covers listed do not come with side skirts
06 Moomba LS, Pacfic Blue, No Tower
-06 Moomba LS, Pacific Blue, No Tower
-Moomba Mobius, Black, Factory Tower
04 moomba LS, Cap Navy
-09 23 Malibu LSV, Black, X-Tower
-Malibu VLX, Black, Titan 3 Tower
-03 Malibu Wakesetter, Black, Skylon Swoop Tower
-21.5 Malibu VLX Black, No Tower
-01 Malibu Sunsetter, LXI Meditation Blue, Titan Tower
-Malibu Wakestter, Black, Titan Tower
-06 Malibu 21.5 VLX, Royal Blue, Illusion X Tower
-Malibu LXI XTI, Black
-97 Malibu Sunsetter, Charcoal Tweed,
-Malibu 23 LSV, Burgundy Tweed
-95 Malibu Sunsetter, Purple, No Tower
-98-99 Air Nautique, Black, Flight Control Tower
-Nautique 206, Pacfic Blue
-Two 09 Nautique 230, Black, With New Tower
-06-08 Centurian Enzo 240, Lot material, Black, Tribal Tower
-Two Centurian Enzo 240, Lot Material Black, Evolution Tower
-97 Master Craft Pro Star 190, Black, No Tower
-04 Master Craft X Star, Black
-91 Supra Sunsetter, Teal Green, No Tower
- Two 05-06 Supra 22 SSV, Black. With Tower
-04 Supra Launch, Black, With Tower
-04 Supra Launch, Black, With Tower
-Three Supra 22 SSV 05-06
Ski Supreme
-05 Ski Supreme V 208, Hunter Green, No Tower
- 07 Tige RZ2, Charcoal Tweed
-07 Tige RZ2, Black, No Tower
-07 Tige 22V Charcoal Tweed Chris Romeo
-04 Tige 20V, Black, With Tower
-98-2000 Tige 21, Black,
Old Style Tige 20v, Black, With Tower
-Tige 21I, Black, With Tower

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