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On August 7, 2010, at the same time as the Midwest Regionals, I will be offering a fun tournament -

Round 1 - WUSS - Wood Underground Ski Society - period wood skis - 30 mph top speed and then cut rope.  Must be old ski, bindings, and fin.  You can replace binding rubber if the same shape and hardware is used.

Round 2 - Wide Ride - basically INT rules except the thinner skis (Senate) cannot be used.  Theory - OK.  We are looking for the really wide skis.  30 mph top speed and then start cutting rope.

Other Lake

Round 1 - Wakeboarding

Round 2 - Wakesurfing

Awards for the best combined score in all four events as well as individual events.  Loose rules - mulligan first pass for slalom.  Minimum 4 passes, but only the first full passe until a miss is scored.

Any suggestions or feedback?

Site:  www.placidwaters.com

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Sounds like fun.  The only thing that I would change is I'd throw in at least one round of standard slalom also.  Ideally it would be sanctioned Class C so the score would count towards rankings if you skied well, but probably wouldn't have to be.  My Buckeye Buoy Tour events have been designed around "fun and competition" but I made sure to maintain a format that would allow for the average tournament skier to still participate.  It would be tough to fill the event without some long-time tournament skiers.
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