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Vintage Waterskis - Retro Sale


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Looks like some good deals on that site. They also have those hand-arm-head handle guards too for a good price, $25.

Paging SkiDawg....




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I have a System 8 - the problem up here with the Monza is the stock #'s are Florida #'s. If I ran the boots 0.5" forward and changed the fin (shallower and longer) it would probably have skied really decent. With the long flat spot (=speed) and steep rocker/thin tail = turns. I skied the Triumphs they are great.  

I think the A1 is a better all-rounder tho.

Muy ski buddy has a mint 68" Cr7 the black , white and yellow one. I liked the later yellow gray ones they were sweeter - don't you think?? Turned really nice those did. But they had a tendency to break in the middle between the boots - happened to a few guys up here.

Checkout the vid i uploaded on OB Elite with the Cobalt blue Autograph E boots. 

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