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BallOfSpray Helicopter


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Ever since Dave Goode got his new plane I have been thinking I can do better. I saved up a few million yen and ordered a helicopter with huge BallOfSpray graphics all over it. Below is what was delivered to me along with a drug smuggling pilot.


From BallOfSpray Photos

I think this clip explains what went wrong with the order.



I was so mad about the tiny graphic that I sent the darn thing back


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Check out my helicoptor.  It's a Kmax, and there's only something like 33 in the world.  Check out the dual opposing rotors, and no tail rotor.

Actually, the pilot dropped in one day and wanted a ski.  We have pulled them several times over the last couple of years.  This year, they needed some training time, so they transported a buch of rocks to our islands for erosion control, and also practiced their water drops.  Very cool.

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