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Radar Strada binding

Bill Gladding

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Thanks for the comments recently about the Radar Strada binding.  I wasn't sure I would fit in the large size but when I checked my cycling shoes they were 46.5 and large Strada bindings were 46 so I went ahead and ordered a front left foot.  I got it with the single plate and installed it in place of the Wiley keeping the rear Wiley high wrap for now.  The binding fits fine.

The binding fit the ski (MPD) although it is all the way back as is the rear Wiley.  This is very near stock so I am fine with that.  The binding allows rotation so I was able to turn it the way I wanted.  I was using washers under the front Wiley to help the offside but being able to rotate the front binding seems to have elminiated that need with the Strada.

I noticed very little difference in switching to the Strada.  I have been gradually tightening the laces a little more each set but as of now don't have any plans to put anywhere near the 35 lbs. of maximum tension the instuctions said could be used.  So far it feels really good and comfortable.

The only thing I would call a glitch is the plate has hard plastic on the bottom that is relieved where the fastener holes are on the sides of the plate.  When I initially installed it the aluminum bent down on the edges significantly which I did not care for.  Since I am the washer guy I pulled a few out and installed them between the plate and the top of the ski and took care of that!

We still have a couple of weeks of skiing and as the water cools I am sure my foot will be warmer in the Strada.  Maybe the new set-up will help me get these 35s in the bag...

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