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McCormick's Ski School

Bryan Korf

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almost go there on an annual basis although this year might be different;

michael's a super nice guy and knowledgeable; improvements made almost continually;

great water, very reasonable rates and sometimes a great pro there, e.g., joel wing


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I also get to McCormick's annually. Usually once a month in Jan and Feb while its cold here in the midwest.  Michael is always very accomodating, his site has been undergoing major improvements over the last 2-3 years!  HIs slalom lake skis REALLY NICE and his boats are always top notch.

the first time a few of us went there in 07 we were paying $45 per "coached" set but Michael  wasn't in the boat.  A few other skiers were and they weren't necessarily "slalom coaches" - and we didn't particularly care for that. We made some comments about it to Michael and every time we've been back since he's taken good care of us - made sure to be available to coach us when we were ready to ski.

 Overall McCormick's is a nice site...  Michael is a good dude, good coach!   Go give it a whirl and if you wanna just get wet for cheap ride the cable park!  I think one slalom set will buy you an all day pass on the cable lake.

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