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Imperial Lakes Tournament, October 10/11th, 2009


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Today I lined up Kirk's new Z7, his old 9800, a 9600 and an old Iconn. All the skis were distressingly similar to my ski in the critical zone under the feet. The modern skis were even similar in weight to my boron/graphite money pit. I rode the 9600 last week and skied about the same. How discouraging - all that work and only a minor advantage.

Silhouette is not as major a factor as it appears. Huge attacks on the ski with the saw and grinder had much less effect than changing the rocker. The weird boom tail is a factor along the lines of a new fin. Don't stress the small changes.

The ski feels similar to the factory offerings to me. I just have more tools (grinders, saws, epoxy and the usual fin and binding placements) to tune it to exactly what I need. Eventually I can get a ski to work. This one is getting close and I had a good ride on Sunday.

The trick skis are dialed pretty well. But I've been doing that for a longer time.

Recreational engineering!


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