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Offside question


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I have switched from the RS-1 bindings to a Reflex front with Wiley rear. I like the set-up, but I 've been having an issue with my offside turn being a little slow to complete. I've tried the tongue insert, but couldn't get used to it. I tried without and it helped, but not as good as before. I've gone forward and back of stock, but it's just not feeling like before???? Any help is greatly appreciated!

 Thank You.

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Because the depth of the padding on the reflex boot is much thinner you’re probably further back on the ski than you where on the RS1 binders.

This would also fall inline with your description of the slow turn.

Don’t bother with the tongue insert I think that’s designed to stop hyper extension.

If you have that issue I know a better way around that. Piece of canvas fabric (like ruck sack straps) about 2 inches long, screw 1 piece to the base of the binder another to the base of the cuff.


Back to the issue, I would look at where you believe the back of your heal is when you ran with the RS1`s, pencil mark it on the ski near the rail.

Then try and get your Reflex around that point (where you believe your heal sits. same theory with your rear Willey, i suspect your feet are further back on the ski than your RS1`s. sounds like you only need to adjust your front binder if your having a offside issue, but more info may help?

Moving 1 hole forward should have made a difference, did it?


Also get a buddy to check your soft with your knees and ankles, I see people move to hards and they straighten there legs and ankles with no flex.

Check your not pushing on the ski at the finish of the turn, this will cause you to get on the handle early – hense not hooking up/poor finish to the turn.


Try this: go 2 holes forward I know its radical but you need to find the extreme (too much tip) then move it back.


What ski you on and size?

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Thanks for the help. I probably am stiff at the end of the turn, that makes sense. For the placement of the boots, I've been two holes forward of where I'm at now. The ski has way to much drag and doesn't release of the wake. I am going to try more dft today @.800, and 25 thou more tip??

Ski is A-1 68.75  6.840 tips 2.508 .790/ 8 on wing.

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