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66" Sixam 2.0 Numbers

Stevie Boy

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Calling  "aguylikeshark"  I,m liking your 29 1/2" comment, contacted O'brien and they gave me Binding Placement of 29 1/4" &Fin Numbers of DFT = .780     Length = 6.830 Depth = 2.500    not convinced with the BindingPlacement, would like a copy of  "O'brien Binding Chart" any ideaswhere can I view it, measured my Binding placement and think I musthave placed wrong by mistake when under pressure, to my "shock/horror"it measures 29 3/4" or though D3 Binding, so Knock 1/8 off because ofrubber thickness which would make it 29 5/8". People are saying that Iam skiing the Best they have ever seen me ski, but got a real headthing going on with my setup, thinking it could be better.

Going by "aguylike shark"  the Binding Placement is not as horrific as I first thought.



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if you are on the 2 point that should be enough ski for 175lbs - that is a wide shape. I skied the 1.0 66" and i am 175- skied very nice.

Anyway boots need to be placed to put the pressure center of the ski's (bow wave) under your front foot heel area. this is done by feel - numbers are only numbers. softer water, softer skis you may have to run boots more back. stiffer skis, larger skis, firmer water you'll need to be forward to make contact. then there is personal preference.

going back is a "faster" ski if you like to jump or can jump on the front. i don't .... i like a balanced setup i like to feel my front boot on the lake and the ski to nose in for me.  

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