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Last weekend Marcus Brown did a clinic here in Bakersfield.  I cruised by to see what it was all about and take some photos. Marcus spent all day in the boat preaching the gospel of modern skiing.  Next time MB comes to town I am leaving the camera home and going to get some coaching.





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Before he went to Bako, we had him for two days, two terrific days Face to Face with Marcus Brown at Sunset Ski Ranch in Mecca. Can't say enough about the quality and caliber of his instruction. We had ten skier, men and women of various ages and skill levels. Marcus tailored each instruction to the students level and each of us had marked improvement. He took his time to check ski settings and made equipment recommendation where appropriate.

He brought a beautiful 40th Anniversary Mastercraft 197 which worked and drove like a dream (time for me to trade up from my 2003.) He also brought a bunch of Syndicate A-1's (Awesome ski) and a variety of other HO & O'Neill and other gear to demo.

He was accompanied by the lovely Jennifer LaBaw. This girl is so fit, wow! She worked with each of us, showing us waterski specific warm-up drills as well as answering numerous individuals questions concerning their personalized work-outs ideas and needs.

We all decided to invite them both back as soon as their busy schedules permit.

If you get the chance to attend one of their clinics, I highly recomend both of them. You are guaranteed to leave with a lot more than you came with. Man, they worked us!!!





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For me it was;

1.) Move COM to the front of the ski by flexing my front leg more

2.) Move my pull out later on my one handed gate

3.) Work on more back arm pressure by pushing my elbow harder to the side of my hip and this....

4.) ... is a reminder to rotate (open) my hips and not just my shoulders to the boat

Lots of passes and work on these points and well as a hand full of reminder tips as well as terrific, easy to understand explainations why these thing work.



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