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I'm looking at getting a new ski... I'm a 34mph skier, 5'6", and 165lbs... based on my weight and ski speed I think I can opt for either a 66" or 67" (deciding on either D3 RCX, Radar RS1, or the A1) - what length is better for my weight and speed? what are the advantages/disadvantages of going shorter or longer???



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Funny you should ask this question this week.

I was talking to Adam at O’Brien this week and he was telling me that except Andy, all the O’Brien Pro guys there were leaning toward the longer skis. His thinking was that a longer ski does not turn as fast at ultra short line. You want a some length of radius as the line gets short and a short ski will just go 90 on you.

In the end Demo! Demo! Demo! Call Tadd at H2oz http://www.h2oproshop.com/  and do the Ride Before You Buy thing. That is the safest way to buy a ski. If I was going to buy from a shop that is the ONLY way I would do it.  


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How about designing a shorter ski with a segmented or very flexible last 2-3 -4 inches of tail. You could then have the larger surface area  with the turns of a shorter ski. Fin would be on the stiffer portion of the ski. Sorry, just thinking outside the box.  
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