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I have no idea what you are talking about (or I have been keeping quiet all winter, waiting for the official announcement from HO :-)

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this is from Performance Ski and Surfs site...

We will be getting HO's newest Slalom the S-1 just after Memorial Day.  A sister ski to HO's amazing A-1, the S-1 will change the way 34 mph skiers ski!  Look for more information on this awesome new ski soon!  Need new boots...

Picked up a 66.25 A1 yesterday up at H.O. in Redmond. Supposedly a 'soft tail' flex. I have the flex numbers. Shoot me an email if interested. Don't really know that I could tell the difference but feel pretty dang cool knowing its hand picked by Cory up there! Anyway will compare this to a D3 I had to send back.

Just a weird glitch as all product I have ever owned or seen from D3 has been awesomely finished. On the 66 09' RCX I received the front bindings holes were a bit cockeyed and off center to one side an 1/8th of an inch. Felt a little weird sniveling about it but the metal binding plate was almost touching the right edge of the ski with the left side obviously having more inward spacing than normal.

New tops will be smooth without the indentations is my understanding. Looking forward to comparing the two. Whichever one suits me or fits my style better I will keep and sell the other. I'll ski the A1 first and there may not be a need to even ride the new RCX.

On one other note the front Leverage Binding on the D3 has to be put in the furthest back hole (3rd) to have their own boot be at the specified 29.5" on the 66. Hum...no adjustment range left except back with their own Boot. Putting their D3 Leverage binding on the A1 with HO's specified DTF at 29.5 the mid hole of the D3 binding is perfect.

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