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The Karina Nowlan interview


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  • Baller_
Quotes from the interview  

Karina: “…….I like to keep my skiing simple. Sometimes, if you overanalyze, it clouds! “


Horton – are you paying attention?


“Horton: I am entertained by the idea of a 21 year old woman showing up at the dock and beating the tar out of a bunch of oldBigDawg skiers.â€Â

 If Karina showed up on the dock at a Big Dawg, the LAST thing on the minds of the oldBigDawg skiers would be getting the tar beat out of them.  Fortunately, there is 14 years or so before we have to worry about that!

If it was easy, they would call it Wakeboarding

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Great interview, pretty cool chick.  I remember a video from the boat last spring of her running 38 and thought, "What the hell, she is way better than me".  Then, she really made a statement at Diablo Shores.  She is not doing much for my ego, but she is one hell of a skier.  Nice to get some background on where she came from.   
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If you have never read Creaky Row Boat.... today is the day http://www.creakyrowboat.com/2009/03/tyra-banks-cant-touch-karina.html


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Reflex ★ S Lines ★ Stokes

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  • Baller

I hate to be the one to disagree here, but she really didn't answer much:

Horton: Soon after your world record performance at Diablo Shores, there was a tremendous buzz on the internet about your skiing. Have you read any of these analyses of your skiing? If so, what do you think? 
Karina: Haha. I am absolutely flattered that people are really taking note. Especially of a girl skier! I like to keep my skiing simple. Sometimes, if you overanalyze, it clouds!

       Ok, let's keep our skiing simple and not overanalyze. Now, what was it you thought about those analysis?

Horton: I have seen you ski from the boat, and there is no denying that your skiing is distinctive. How do you describe your “style�
Karina: I just ride the line......   I believe that it is important to go by feeling, to be able to feel the changes you make so next time you go out and ski, you know exactly the movements you are aiming to develop.

      Ride the line and Go by feeling; that tells us a lot.

AB from the BallOfSpray Forum asks: Do you focus on any key areas as you get ready to ski a competition round? 
Karina: Not really. If I feel a little bit sore that particular day I will just make sure I warm up more. Again I just go by feeling...

      Same answer.

AB from the BallOfSpray Forum asks:  What were your keys to becoming consistent at the 38 and 39.5 passes?  
Karina: Listening to Matt Rini

     No answer. I guess we have to call Matt...

SkiDawg (Ward McLain) from the BallOfSpray Forum asks: What is your typical weekly practice schedule?  How many sets per day?  How much rest in between?  Back to backs or up the rope?  Any days you just do drills?
Karina: Every week is different. Especially if I  have tournaments. I don't like to ski too much. I believe quality is better than quantity.
If I am getting bored, I'll mix it up a bit.

     No answer(s).

DW from the BallOfSpray Forum asks: What attributes do you evaluate and rate as important on your ski or equipment choices? How many skis do you go through in a season?
Karina: Every ski company has great skis. It's important to go with a ski that you feel the best on and suits your style. Right now, I am riding a Goode SL 9800.

    Did not answer the question.


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  • Baller
Fair enough. When I was 21, I was in two world skydiving records in the span of two weeks. If someone had interviewed me about my skills, I might have just answered that I just got lucky or something /vanillaforum/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-surprised.gif
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