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Since John started the Wooden Underground, I have collect a few wooden skis. So far, Lapstrake Ambassadar, Kathro Zidewinder, Reflex Mirage and the latest Taperflex (no.3) and a wakejumper taperflex(no.2).

Does anyone know the history of these skis and what other skis they produce, I have been trying to find out but not much luck. I think they are all from the 1970's, the taperflex I know have never been used and were in a shop on the wall. I did email Reflex with no answer ...yet, but I learnt on a Reflex with a white top but i'm sure it wasn't a Mirage..


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By the way I have not done anything with the WoodenUnderground because I have WAY too much going on. Does anyone want to take it over and get something happening?

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to truly keep a happy marriage, you have to get your wife as addicted to this sport as you are.....at least that is what I did.  Now she understands me and my addiction and where the passion comes from when I get so frustrated, so euphoric, so obsessive compulsive, so technical, so so so whatever comes of it and watch my video in slow motion forwards and backwards, in the summer, in the winter, at midnight....100's of times.
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Taperflex was in San Fernando California

I am looking for a Taperflex Wakejumper for my wife. She loved her ski from the 70's. It was lost years ago. I just got her a 1970 16' silverline boat and am looking for the wakejumper to go with it for her birthday.

Marty (818) 510-1652


p.s. Marriage works really good when it works !!


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