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The Gym, exercise for skiing?


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Colleagues, still 6-8 weeks before I get on the water. Does anyone have a view on exercise, weights or CV, or know of any specific exercise proven to help? Or, is just a general level of fitness and time on the water still the best solution. 
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  • Baller

For 21 years I was always been a big gym lifter.  Last offseason I decided to start using kettlebells and decreased my number of free wight lifts.  I have been using them again this offseason.  I am a huge fan of them for a couple of reasons.

1.  What I call physiccal strength as opposed to lifting (gym) strength.  A gym lift is a prescibed techincal motion.  Almost all of the kettlebell movements required a combination of balance, coordination, and strength.  This works a lot of the stabilizer muscles, in conjunction with the larger muscles, that are needed when we get into awkward positions.

2.  Building on #1, improved balance due to the movements

3.  Again, building on #1, the movements tend to tie in a lot of core strength; because a lot of the movements are explosive movements that incorporate multiple major muscle groups working together. 

4.  A lot of movements necesitate transmitting power from the legs, through the core, to the upper body.

5.  I do CV 3-4 days a week; but, the kettlebell work out serves as an additional psuedo CV work out because it gets the heart rate up when you string 4 to 5 movements in series without rest for 3 circuits.

6. Increased hand strength, it comes naturally with the movements

7. Time, you can accomplish a really intense strength workout in a short time 30-45 minutes.

Some of my favorite movements are: the wood chop, the turkish get up, one arm swings, figure 8 with a pause, gun slinger, standing one legged shoulder press, cleans, snatches.  There are a lot more to choose from and you can find all of the instruction on "youtube".

I use 4-5 kettlebell movements, overhand pull ups, and throw in 2-3 gym lifts; 3 times a week.  I think it has really helped my skiing.




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  • Baller_

As a rule of thumb, consider the importance of the general level of fitness as 90%, while ski specific strength is 10%.

If you cross train and are in excellent shape, you'll be back in 'ski shape' in a matter of weeks of getting back on the water. If you only focus on 'ski specific' excercises, but neglect overall fitness, it will take longer to get back in 'ski shape'.

So if you bust your tail at running, basketball, mountain biking, or whatever sport you enjoy to stay in top shape, you'll be better off than someone who does only a limited set of specific excercises. Putzing around on the basketball court once a week doesn't count.


If it was easy, they would call it Wakeboarding

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Skibug. Bruce

Appreciated. I look forward to the new season so much I try through Nov,Dec & Jan to stay in shape at the Gym. I guess I start to loose the will at this time of year and wonder if I am doing any good! Just ski, you'll be back.

Bruce.. I'll keep going and crosstraining, no putzing, Skibug all those strange looks I get with the kettleball on the BOSU at the Gym have confirmed I am not alone!


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