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StarGazer Practice Mode


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Hi All,

Got a few Stargazer questions for those in the know. Mines Version 7.04 in a much older Aussie carby motor boat. My mate & I are Skiing 15 & 22 off @ 34mph so far this season (barely hard 1/2 dozen decent days here) & have a relatively short setup on out lake. Seem to have it dialed in pretty well on the Pre-Gate, 1 & 3 Ball settings as ABT's are usually .01 to .03 seconds off actual. "N" Settings are:- Pre-Gate is 1.2, 1 ball is 32 & 3 Ball is 24.

My son is also learning the course & is skiing 24.9 & 26.7mph. Again ABT's are very good. On "L" (which he skis, he's 30kg) Pre-Gate is .2, 1 ball is 16 & 3 Ball is 10.

Anyway today I decided to try giving him an in-between run in practice mode. So set the PPSG for 24.9 with + 1.00mph. What seemed to be happening was that it was coming into the course way too fast, around 27.5 to 28.5mph. I know pregate is in Km/h, so would have expected to see around 26.something, (24.9mph + 1mph + .2km/h = 26.0mph). After the gates & 1 ball it slowed up to more like 27 till it got to 3 ball, then backed down to around 23mp for the rest of the course.

 You could almost guess that it's using the wrong Pregate settings, ie "N" settings where (24.9mph + 1mph + 1.2km/h = 26.6mph), & overshooting & not having time to settle before the gates. 

Only towed him 2 or 3 runs in this mode before going back to GPS Slalom mode, but it was Definitely a lousey pull. Back in normal mode time were great again.

Any ideas? Is Practice mode fawed or am I missing something else.

Also about short setups; which we have & get the driving right about 3/4's of the time. I've got Version 7.04, is 7.05 any better in short setups. Would it be worth upgrading now or should I wait till the next set of changes comes out.

And finally does anyone know how upgrades will be delt with for us folks that are in "far off" parts of the world to where freight is talked of in terms of weeks & Hundreds of Dollars?

Cheers for Now


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