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Ski Log, anyone interested?


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We are fixing to place an order for binder which we'll use to put together a batch of Ski Logs.

Jfox and I both kept ski logs this year. Great stuff and great results.

They are 5.5" by 4.25". Almost a half size binger with a 2-ring instead of a 3 ring. Works great for putting in a backpack or briefcase. They also have a clear plastic insert sheet on the front, spine and back cover. Great for inserting pictures or motivational things etc.

First page will be just an insert sheet for tracking # of sets. Then the next 100+ sheets will be ski logs tracking action with the following lines:
Skier ___            Location __
Boat  ___            Temp ____

Then sets notes and places for notes.

It works quite well.

They can come in nearly any color, just say the word. I personally like the simple white binder. We'll print the sheets and the Log will be complete when shipped directly to you.

The cost will be between $15-$20 per, printed/punched and USPS'ed to you.

email me directly if you have questions or would like to order one. Also, I can take pictures of mine if need be.



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I've done the same thing since May 1998 - except I set up an Excel spreadsheet that tracks date/lake/boat/driver/buoy count/comments(fin settings,etc).  I also indicate whether it was a tournament or not.  That allows me to sort the data in any manner I wish.  It's a great resource to refer back to when trying to set up a ski or determine what/where you have skied best in the past.
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