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Rumors and bad news


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It seems that water skiing is affected by the global economy. It sounds like I am stating the obvious but follow me on this. I believe that if the talking heads on TV would stop telling us all how bad the economy is, it would right itself a lot faster.

In terms of water skiing, the news about boat dealerships is bad. A friend of mine that had worked for one of the ski companies for almost 30 years was laid off last month. In addition to the real problems the rumor mill is freaking crazy right now. I have received a number of emails in the last few weeks that contained ½ true rumors and  premature news.  

In one case, I blocked some bad news from getting out and asked the real people in charge to issue a press release. That way only the real truth gets out. In another case I asked the rumor source to hold off until I can confirm.

If you have rumors please make sure you know what you are talking about before you post here or anywhere else.

I know for some of you this seems like a tease. Trust me: the rumors are not big news and I am working to get out the real info ASAP.

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