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As I know right now there are 5 stops scheduled for 09.

They were trying to do 7 stops, but 5 is where they are at, with the open possibility of more.

 These stops are not a definite, but pretty dang close.

Ackworth, GA

Zachary, LA

Placid Waters, MI

Abbottsford, CA



That is all I know for now, I am not at my comp, so I don't have all the info in front of me.

There is more structure to the tour this year, in fact, that have a marketing/promotional/sponsorship manager, and if anyone is interested, I can get you in touch with her.  She is a passionate water skier with a very good knowledge base of marketing, etc.

The tour is always open for new businesses who think it may be a good way to help out there business.

I realize in these times, a business owner may not be thinking of potential sponsorship, but this will be a great way to reach a very centralized target market.  The webcast, is, as of now, a go, and will be a lot bigger and better, this coming year.  I do believe, I will be behind the mic again, and I hope I will be able to guide you through the upcoming season capably.  I will always be open for suggestions, questions, comments, anything.

Whatever we can do to build up the sport, lets all get together, get behind it, and go for it.  Skiing is one of the most exciting sports I know of, and I think more people need to see it the way we all do.

 Thats all for now.

Keep your eyes open for the 2009 Independent Ski Review.  Coming soon to a Water Ski Mag near you, and online as well.

More on that at a later date.

Peace out.

tadd at h2osmosis dot com




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I am in the mad rush of planning for the event.  Other than INT and some local AWSA tournaments, I have no experience with this kind of an event.  The details regarding the jump are both picky and expensive, but I have to get it right the first time.  I think it is a great opportunity to share the site with the skiing community.  If anyone has some good advice, I am all ears.  I have about 6-months to get ready and my goal is to have everything in place by mid-May.  The end of May is our Parade of Home and I will have an entry, so there is just a lot to do and think about.  The more help I have from the people on this forum, the better the event will be.

 Thanks - Karl

www.placidwaters.com - there is an e-mail link on the site or info at placidwaters dot com

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