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Total Knee Replacement


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I've posted this question on a couple of the other sites (WSF & Proskicoach), but on the chance I may have missed someone with input, I'll repeat the question here... Thank you

I am a 50 y/o rookie ( 15'-22' off at 32 mph) who needs a TKR. I've been putting it off, thinking it would be tough to ski with. Is there anyone out there who has had this done, who skis 150-200 sets per year? http://www.varvaro.com/virtualhosts/waterski/www/webbbs/smileys/ohwell.gif Thanks in advance for any feedback

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All I can tell you is, shop for a Dr who does athletes. Not all orthopedic surgeons are the same. I bet a number of regulars here will tell you that theirs DR is the best.They did the research to find a good one. If your surgeon does pro level athletes or  can make a similar claim then you should be OK.  I will never let anyone but Jim Stone or someone he personally recommends work on me again. http://www.stoneclinic.com/

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