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What is going on with BallOfSpray?


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What is going on with BallOfSpray? Where the hell has Horton been?

Honestly real life has taken a bit too much time lately and things around here have gotten dusty. The good news is that I have plans.



A Web Pro Shop will open soon- Demos & like new skis at Killer prices!

Pro Skier and industry interviews will get started soon - do you have questions?

The links page will be totally redone - anyone want to help?

The Wooden Underground project has not been forgotten but has been on hold. We need to get organized! Jason, you till out there?

BABE’S ★ California Ski Ranch ★ Connelly ★ Denali ★ Goode ★ KD Skis 

MasterCraft ★ MasterLine ★ PerfSki ★ Radar ★ Rodics Innovation 

Reflex ★ S Lines ★ Stokes

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