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Is anyone as sick about the election as I am?  I have friends in the mountain biking world who are very outspoken for both sides of the election.  I am wondering about the skiing community,  there is never anything spoken here.  Any takers, speak up!
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My wife is a basket case and was really supprized that the sun came up this morning. I have come to the conclusion that every single one of them are in it for themselves (power/greed) and they only worry about he people that load there coffers with cash. I believe that there are more important things in my control that I need to worry about. Holding on to the handle longer, tight and light line, angle through the gate balls, what type of paint to use on the balls next summer and moving my arse out of this cold state.
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The future of the Union of Sokialist States of Amerika is dire. We have only ourselves to blame. We watch as MTV recruits young votes but never educates them on the underling ideologies. We watch as schools indoctrinate children with ideologies that are not shared by roughly 50% of the population.  We celebrate voter registration and participation but make no concerted effort to have an informed electorate.

For those who understand the issues and voted based a clear understanding I can have no ill feelings. For the millions who voted based on TV ads, propaganda or old fashion ignorance, your right to vote is an error.


I strongly suggest reading the “Communist Manifesto” by Karl Marx and “The Forgotten Man” by Amity Shlaes. Both are very hard reads. The first is of course the Genesis of Communism the second is historical account of what the progressives did to this country 100 years ago.  


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