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video of will asher


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fell asleep on this. Post it if you have not already done so. Post what ever you want as long as it is ski related.

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Alex - I would like to see the video for certain. At the Malibu open this year, I watched Asher from the starting dock with a pretty much line of site view down 2-4-6. The edge change was one of the first things I noticed - it looked like a snow skier hoping from one edge to the other. The next thing I noticed was that after he had got onto his inside edge w/ a good amount of body lean (35-40 deg) and his elbows had come away maybe half-way from his vest to straight, he seemed to abruptly yank the handle back into his body, then went from this right into his release…  Seemed like a variation on keeping the handle in/down and maybe using the rope to turn instead of the ski.

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The videos are in the VIDEO category, under "will asher at INT nats"

And yes, he demonstrates quite an edge change. Word on the water here at BOS is that edge change is one of the most key things to execute in order to ski like a badass. There is much dicussion of it and I have been working on it all season. I find that, as I rip ass across the wake, when I slice thru the second wake into open water just before I look for my mark at the buoy I give my elbows a nice firm push into my vest and try to let the handle get near my butt.

I don't know how it works, but when i make this certain effort I change edges without losing any speed....which means, at this very point, if I aim my ski "outbound" I get seriously wide and feel very stable and in control which I am just getting used to.

Also working on the "progressive" lean into the wake. Stay tuned for that one, I'm still workin on it.

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