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D3 RC fin & binding set up

Old MS Accout

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I am a 32' off skier, my set up is close to that; but, the one thing I have found with the ski is that water temp can change its characteristics a little bit.

 When the water is somewhere between 80 to 85 degrees, I need to make a binding and wing adjustment.

Below 80 degrees

Length = 6.907 (tips)               

Depth = 2.517

DFT = .798 (head)

Wing = 8 or 9 degrees 

F.B. = 30.75

Above 85 degrees

Wing = 8 degrees

F.B. = 30.375

all the other numbers don't move.  The inbetween (81, 82, 83, 84 degrees) is sort of trial and error.  By all means I am not saying I can tell the difference in a 1 degree water temp change.  I try and stick with the setup until I can really feel the ski doesn't want to decel and finish the turn on my off side.  The ski really does rip as far as I am concerned.  I am looking forward to trying the RCX.  It sounds like they have made some noticable inprovements.

 My 2 cents.

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