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Latest Goode Powervest model

Thomas Wayne

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Found this photo on the internet - I think it's the newest version of the Goode Powervest, being modeled by some European slalom skier.  I understand he had to give an arm... and another arm for it.  I'm not sure who the guy in the suit is...



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Um...yeah, that's the real story.

See, the original photo had the transplant guy sandwiched between his two doctors at a news conference. I cropped out one doctor and then used a software package called "PhotoShop" to digitally replace the other doctor's head with Dave Goode's head. Dave Goode is the the owner of Goode Skis, who recently introduced a new product to the water ski market called the "Powervest". This item is a ski vest that has a rigid internal structure and external nylon straps that run from the skier's shoulder region to his wrists, where they are attached securely to the skier's gloves. The stated purpose of this device is to transfer some of the load on the skier's hands and arms to the vest, and ultimately to the skier's hips.  The device is also designed to transfer a good amount of money from the skier's pocket to Dave Goode's pocket.  In the above photo, the double-arm-transplant patient is wearing some sort of shoulder harness with straps to support his newly attached donor arms. There is enough of a resemblance to the Powervest principle that I thought it would be amusing to suggest that this was a photo of the latest iteration of that device.

But - consistent with an important underlying principle of comedy - it's not as funny if I have to explain it.


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This is somewhat tangent to this but I thought it might be of interest.

An individual I know and have semi-regular contact with, and who is well connected to and skis occasionally with Schnitz, stated to me during a recent conversation that it was Schnitz who actually came up with the original idea for what is now marketed as the Power Vest.  The story goes that somewhere along the line SS described it to Dave G but that Schnitz's iteration of the design had the connections to the gloves more at waist level rather than shoulder level, and that it was a better, more functional design than the available version.  How Goode ended up coming out with their design, where and how it actually was conceived, and what relationship does or does not exist between the two I have no idea.  Just thought it was an interesting tale worth sharing.

I didn't just make this up, seriously.  I'm not that imaginative.


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So, what I really want to know...Which software version has been tested. I understand that the PowerVest comes with  customized GPS driven actuators that apply the computer generated necessary amount of back arm pressure and core thrust to run the pass in the manner that Dave likes. But can Andy or Jamie set it up to their preference or are we all relegated to skiing the Dave style ? Have the boat manufactures weighed in on who gets the exclusive for 2010 ? How many software revisions are there ? Can it be adjusted for fat guys that don't pull much and for skinny guys that pulll all of the time ? How about F,l &n Come to think of it the wooden underground and hand driing may not be such a flakey idea. Can I have a 17.09 from the choir. That is all
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Hey Ed,

 I guess schnitz can add this to his long  list of non-patented inventions which he should be getting paid for including but not limited to:

 adjustable fin

wings on fins

one handed turns

one handed gates

carbon fins

goode powervest

skiing with baseball cap

softer flexed skis



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