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2006 Blue and White D3 X5 67.5"


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 I rode this ski for 1.5 sets. A friend asked me "how the heck do you claim 1.5 sets???" I rode a full set, 8 passes, second set took 4 passes then skied to the dock. Hopped back on my black n orange addiction to finish the set..

 Anyway, BOS special, $300 plus actual shipping. Same ski that Tynan rode in the BD Finals. Just not the right ski for me but it's a great ride. It's in great shape too. Yes it's the same ski i have listed for $400 on SIA and TWSF, just havent updated those posts.

Great price for a great ski if someone is looking to try another brand or length ski. Very affordable upgrad too.

email or whisper me if you want it.




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