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INT US Championships


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will asher, 1.5 @ 41 amazing

chris rossi,  5 @ 39

jill knudson, 3 @ 38 i think

didnt follow wide ride, but i think wide ride open champ is patrick clinton

super open champ is brad pinkus with .5 @ 38

advanced super open champ is eric bettinger with 3 @ 35


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Wide Ride Open: Scott Gurnett 2.@39   Eric Pettinger 2@38 Aurilo Vincent 2.5@28

Wide Ride Super ; Patrick Clinton 3@32 Craig Phillips 3@32 Kelly Houlihan 2.5 @ 28

Jr 4th Annre Grace Gurnett,  Womens Novice Connie Pettinger 1st, Adele Galli 3rd

Advance 2nd pl to Dawn Galli, 

So Cal took the team trophy for most podiums. Congrats to Bill Galli & team

Was fun to be back in Bako, had a ball announing, skining and MCing

Results will be up at <www.intleague.com> monday

Over and out: Uncle Craig

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BTW only thing missing was Horton the mic. Think being so high up in the air and the father of the rs1 announcing gave him stage fright. Got to see the intended, score one for Horton.Was way cool to have Terry and Will Asher check out the sixam after I skied and then have them point out I used a washer instead of a slider under the binder, oh well it skied good. Was even cooler passing out trophys to Will, Terry and Rossi and Jill and see her deal with a fussy baby like she does a 3 ball. INT is coming back to Ski West next year, one week earlier. Super site and the SkiWest owners do such a great job of hosting the event. Top was out every day at 0 dark thirty with the water byll, shorlines were perfect, just can't say a big enough thank you. That is all
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Oh yeah, almost forgot, Adam Caldwell skied a PB in pro, 4.5 @ 38 off, he can run it but it is a tournament best......about time.

Event was spectacular, weather was perfect for 4 days straight.

Thanks to the Stocks and all he supporters!!!!!

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Sorry Craig,

Saturday when I come up to see Papa Smurf I was only on lunch break from coaching some kids a few lakes over. Besides my failing to show up and ski + show up an announce it looked like another great INT event.


Congrats to Adan (Stocks) Caldwell. He is a little goofy but a really good athlete.

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JH, first of all....I forgot to tell you how halarious you are...

 Second, check out my swervin friend, Scott Behners photos from the INT USC...  He had a few close ups of Willy, and T-Mo (preturn/counter) that I think many of the people on your site will benefit, love seeing.  A couple of T-Mo show how much he is leading the hip through toward the bouy while countering...and also some serious "vertical spine" action, as you coined the term. 



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Yahh, that's me BuoyChaser and my pics, ENJOY http://picasaweb.google.com/buoychaser


Bummah I didn't get a chance to meet you in person this year. One of these years. I'm in that 2yr hiatus of having our fist child, little Louisa is 19mos old. Won't be long and she'll be pushing dada to stick to shortening the rope.


I was posting live results over on Chris Rossi/Wade Williams site on Saturday http://www.proskicoach.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=470


Let me know if you want me to do a double post here to repost each individual photo link of the pros 2nd round.


BTW - Frickin' hilarious captions in the photo above. You hit Adam dead on with that one!!! ;) Miss skiin' with you in New Hammy bro, Jac let him come HOME!!!

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