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Which ski would you recommend?


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I know this is a stupid question, but I am looking for advice which would be my next ski.

I am 5,8, weight 164, pb 1@35, 58km/h. My average would be something like 2-3 at 32. RFF. Right now I am skiing a 2005 66" Monza with double approach. My biggest weaknes is preturn and turn on offside. I like the Monza but it starts falling in pieces and also think my skiing would step up a little bit with a more forgiving ski.

I have very limited possibilities to demo skis but during the summer I have tried

RS-1, nice ski when ridden with patient, but I tend to push the ski in the turn and then it really did not worked.

Sixam SS, I had a hard time to initiate the turn and also falling over at the onside.

RCX, by some funky reason that I not have figured out, it turned twice on the off side. Also explodes off the second wake which was a new experience.

The RCX did I only ride once, SS twice, RS-1 4 times. Right now I thinking an A-1 is the ski, but also considering a Prophecy. On the other hand, some of the older models might be a better ski, such a F1, Monza or X5.

Well, just let me know your thoughts or share your experience.



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HI Jacke


on the same ski as you and was talking to Arturo Nelson when I was skiing at waterskiitaly, he is/was an HO skier, he saw I was on the monza and he said I should get on the A1, our season has finished now but I will be doing just that next season. Difficult for us in France to demo a ski as well. Though you can try Sports Service at Lacanau near Bordeaux for ski school and pro shop. They have D3 and HO there.




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It appears that you've had opportunities to try several skis.  It's not so easy for anyone to get everything that's out there.  I do seem to see on posts here and on TWSF about guys trying everything on the market.  I don't know how they're doing w/o a lot of investment in demo fees and shipping.  I still believe that there is a ski, properly set up, that will best suit an individual, but finding it.......................
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After 3 years of ski test I am less apt to recommend a single ski then I was when I started. Each ski has an advantage and a disadvantage. If all you really need is massive width and a 90 degree heel side turn the RS-1 is king. If you are looking for huge forgiveness out of your toe side you want the A1. If you have good handle control and want carving turns and stability from the wakes to the ball the Prophecy is great. If you are looking for easy width and smooth fast turns on both sides the RCX is a great choice. If you want easy width and smooth carving turns then the SS is just so easy to ride.


Sadly each of these skis also comes with a down side or more accurately an attribute that requires a specific skill from the skier. With the F1 the positive attributes are amazing but it requires technical perfection and Herculean strength from the skier. In the case if the Prophecy I am not sure what the down side is because the ski fits ME. I guess that another skier would find that without handle control the Prophecy lacks width or carry out. The RS-1 requires a very calm and technical toe side turn. The A1 requires handle control and calm for a good heel side turn. The SS requires a lot of front foot pressure for tight turns (I think this is what I remember). The Goodes require…. something else and so on….


The list goes on and those are just MY impressions. My regular ski partner has been on the RS-1 this year and because his toe side turn is calm the ski fits him great and he is skiing very well on it. Scott Larson still loves the old D3 X5 because for whatever reason it just fits him better then the 3 generations newer RCX. I am pretty sure I could rip on a RCX but an X5, I do not think so.

 The ski that fits me covers my bad habits and otherwise performs as well as any of the others.  The ski that fits you? Well you have to figure that one out for your self.

Please Note: These impressions are largely off the cuff. I have not ridden half of the skis mentioned in a year. I am more trying to make a point then recommending a ski here.

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Two good calls on the System 8 and F1  of 2 years ago. I know some people said they liked the 8, but what a piece. I remember you in the boat when I rode it and after running a couple of passes telling me "I don't even know what to say".
I also agree with the F1 requiring a lot of strength. Given that, if I remember correctly Jamie and Terry were the two top finishers in the "spin it to win it" 38 back-to-back contest at the water ski mag shootout last year. I remember that I was surprised by that at the time as I recall the F1 wearing me out. Are they just that good?  New school slalom?  What's the deal?
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