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Driving for Short Setup


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Hi All

Finally got my boat out to the lake for the first time this season on Monday. Fitted a StarGazer just before winter & didn't really get to try it last season. The Boats now an 11 year old Aussie Carby boat with a 400 Chev.

Setup some baselines & that seemed O.K. 2625rpm @ 32 & 2845rpm @ 34 mph. The Course is not in yet, but towed my son for a few passes using a hand timer to trigger the PP. Looking for suggestions as to best driving technique though. (Only spent 1 Hour on the water Monday).

When I drive manually, I lift off the throttle for the beginning of a fairly tight end turn, the use a fair amount of throttle & revs to drive out of the turn & up to speed before allowing the revs to settle down as I approach the course at correct speed. These revs are probably right up there or above my baselines & of course the StarGazer gets a bit confused & seems to want to throttle me back. Tried once to turn it off before the turn then back on but didn't seem to get it very right, but think that may be the best way to go.

Heading out again this afternoon & over the week-end so hoping I get a few good driving tips for then.

Pic Below gives you a bit of an idea of how much setup we've got, so someone might also comment on just how short our situation is compared to others. (The Red line is a GPS Plot of our path over a few runs).



C:\Documents and Settings\Phil.INVERELLIT\Desktop\Course1.jpg

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