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68" MPD For Sale

35 in the bag

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Great Ski.....of course you already know that.....(several PBs through 38)

AUTOGRAPHED bottom (Andy, Will, Marcas, Jamie, Chris, Winters, Moore, Degasperie, Cox, Cale, Rogers, April, Freddie)...... Very Cool!

Gold fin (with extra hole for lowered, rear mounted wing)

No handle dings...... standard wear as expected for a well cared for ski.

Bought new @ 06 Nationals.......Liked it so much that I tried & bought it on Thursday, 1 formal practice set on Friday and skied it on Saturday in the Nationals (matching the high end of my normal bouy count).

Pricing.....Hum.... Well.... Probably worth $300-$350 w/o the Autograghs.......and I'm hoping that, to the right person, the Autograghs are worth another $100-$150.   So Asking $450.00 plus shipping (Michigan).

Why do I let it go.......moving up to the latest and greatest stick....whatever that turns out to be for me.


John Miller

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Thought briefly about moving to an RS-1 from my currrent 68" MPD but it's skiing so well and feels so familiar that I see no reason to change.  If it works don't fix it, right?  Looking forward to next season, year 3, on my early issue (marked #0028) '06 MPD.


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