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Gates and shorter rope.


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As you shorten the rope what do you change about your gates?

During a conversation with a friend about gates at different line lengths I said that I ease up on my gates as the rope gets shorter.  I think what I meant by this is that I'm aiming to get the same speed through the gates for each line length.  Seems that as the rope gets shorter I get more speed for the same line load, so if I ease up on the load I get the same speed.

So far it seems to be working.  I'm getting good starts on -35 (running it about once a month), and running -32 about 80%. I'm LFF, 34 mph and don't use a one handed gate.

Is there more I should be thinking about or trying to do?

I found the link below which is as close as I found to a discussion of this.


Thanks in advance. 

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