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Master Craft Pro Tour is Back!!!!


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Thats right, just got to Charleston, SC today and was out at Trophy Lakes.
They are getting eveyrthing surveyed in and set up just right.
Conditions are looking good for some HUGE scores in slalom and Jump.
This event, we will try to follow in the footsteps of London last weekend and have a HUGE NIGHT JUMP EVENT, Saturday night.

Sat. evening, 7:30 pm.  Final 4 Womens Slalom, Final 4 Womens Jump, Night Jump Finals.  ALL WEBCAST LIVE!!!!

The event will run as follows:
Friday: 7 am. Men Slalom Rd 1.  Womens Slalom Rd. Mens Jump Rd 1.
Mens Slalom Rd 2 (First Split)

Sat:  7 am.  Mens Slalom Rd 2 (2nd split)  Womens Slalom Rd 2.  MensJump Rd 2.  Mens Slalom H2H down to final 4.  Womens Slalom H2H down tofinal 4.

Sat. 7:30 pm.  Final 4 Womens.  Final 4 Mens.  Mens Jump Finals.
All of this will go down under the lights!!!

Here is how the webcast will breakdown.
Friday:  2 pm - We go live!! Recap of the mornings skiing, into therest of the days action.   About an 30 minutes to an hour after theevent is over, we will be doing a "Sportscenter" style daily recap,going over all the video highlights from the days action.  Liveinterviews with some of the athletes and replays from the days bestskiing.

Sat.  2 pm.  We go live!!!! Recap of the action earlier in the day intolive action through the rest of the day.  Quick Break.  Recap of thedays action.  Right into the NIGHT FINALS!!!

All of this is subject to change of course, but this is how it is set right now.
This is set to be the biggest Pro Event of the year, with over 70entrants in the event!  Huge Cash Prize Up for Grabs!  As well, the MCPro Tour Jump Champ will be crowned. 

As it stands right now, Ryan Dodd is in the lead.  Can he keep his hotstreak going from last weekend?  Can the Nightmare rebound and takehome the title???

JB is holding a lead in the Mens Slalom over Cale Burdick and WillAsher.  Big Willy has been on a tear of late, and the Tower looks to beregaining his form from 05.  Can't count out the Rook! Cale Burdick,who is holding down the second spot.

On the Womens side, Karina Nowlan has dominated the season so far. World Champ Nicole Arthur is looking strong as well.  And of course,you have Karen Truelove and April Coble Eller to contend with!!

What will happen??  How will it go down??  You got to tune in to find out!!
Check it out: http://www.proskiers.com/ProWaterskiTour_stop6.asp


Send in your emails.  Let us know what you think!!!

We want to hear from you.
See you tomorrow!!




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