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I bought a 66.25" and a 67.5" to test side by side and am leaning towards the 66.25"  Both are awesome so it may be a coin toss.

I'll have to send one back unless I can sell it here. So, any one interested in brand new A-1 for $900, please let me know. I'll pay shipping.

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S. Dude,

I am 52 years old, 175#, 5'8" LFF and ski 22 & 28 off @ 55k. Horton posted he's 190#'s on his 67.5" A-1, but he is on a much shorter rope than me.

Both feel great, fast across, quick turns, bone stock settings. I'm thinking the shorter I get the more I'll like the 66.25"  I've been skiing on a 67" Black MPD and the 67.5" A-1 feel as good and better. Hope to ride both again this weekend and make my choice.  Gotta return the other quickly before my wife sees the AMEX charge

<(;-{|)>-<<< Which are you interested in?

Thx.,  CD

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